Monday, October 22, 2012

"Nawlins" - aka: New Orleans

I'm sure many of you know that Troy and I had a small get away to New Orleans! Troy had a conference there so I met him a few days after he had been there. Troy's parents were gracious and wonderful
enough to come to CDA to take care of a sweet children while we had a much needed, relaxing, stress free vacation! And that we did, I can honestly say I was relaxed the whole time, we stayed up late at night, and slept in as late as we wanted  to and got to see some pretty cool things and hang out with our old college friends! We took a city tour, seeing some of the devestation from hurricane Katrina, it was very sad, and became very real, actually seeing the houses that had numbers painted on them to tell you how many bodies were found in the house. We also visited the old above ground cemetaries, like you see on the movies. Bourbon St. was not that appealing, it smelled bad and had some CRAZY people hanging out there. We spent most of our evenings on Frenchman St. to listen and dance some pretty darn good jazz music, and I don't even like jazz. The last night we were there we attended the UI vs. LSU game. Talk about southern hospitality, we went tailgating, and man do they know how to tailgate there. We were provided with all the food and drinks we wanted! The game was a blow out, like we expected but it was still fun to experience big time college football! Troy and I flew out the next morning at 6 am, we were ready to get home to our kids after a wonderful vacation!

                                                      At the oldest bar in the country!

                                                                   My BFF Mary!                                                             

                                                        UI clan!!

                                parents away, the kids will play! They had a blast with nana and papa!

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